Viable power is a market leader with strong corporate backing, commitment and resources.

We work with some of the best minds to deliver cost-effective, low-risk, high-performance solutions on time and on budget.


  • Defense and Aerospace , as well as Hi-Rel commercial applications .
  • Rapid four month power supply development cycle time.
  • Optimized for low & medium quantity power supply needs.
  • Contract Manufacturing/Build to Print.
  • Environmental Stress Screening (Temperature cycling & Vibration).

Technical Requirements:

  • Custom designed.
  • Low electromagnetic emissions (EMI), Electronic power systems.
  • Low to Medium output voltage.
  • Single and Multi-channel designs.
  • Specializing in Hi-Rel defense custom power supplies.
  • High survivability, severe environment power systems.
  • Hi-Rel component selection for defense applications.
  • High power efficiency designs based on commercial off the shelf (COTS) switching power module solutions and linear power supply design capability.
  • Conduction, natural convection & forced air cooling.


VIABLE's staff with many years of experience in their specific areas of expertise, ask the right questions clearly understand the technical requirements of the application. Each contract has a detailed statement of specification compliance. 

VIABLE offers Contract Manufacturing, Qualification Testing and Environmental Stress Screening (Temperature & Vibration).


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